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  • Making things clear

    The Five Steps to a fully functioning website:

  • 1 - Web Design:

    Creating the code, text and graphics for your new site.

  • 2 - Web Address:

    You need to rent a web address or domain name for your site
    (ours is

  • 3 - Web Host:

    You need a host to store your files and present them to the internet.

  • 4 - SEO and Marketing:

    You need customers to find and use your website. We offer a level of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) suitable for most individuals or small businesses, and we can advise you how to also incorporate your website into your own marketing activities.

  • 5 - Statistical Analysis:

    Once your site is up and running it is important to regularly run analyses to check if it is still attracting and targeting your customers as you would like. This is something you can do yourself with our guidance, or something we can do for you as part of an ongoing SEO and Analysis plan.

  • Steps
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Choose Your Requirements

We offer a full range of services to cater for all requirements, from simple enhancements to complete custom sites and complementing services. If you are familiar with the type of features you require, you can get an idea of a typical project price by choosing a Starting plan from the table below and then adding any Additional services you require. We can go through all the terms and give you a more precise quote when we discuss your requirements in more detail.
Starting Plan Basic Plan Wedding Plan Small Business Plan
Template Web Design & Layout 1-5 pages 1-6 pages 6-10 pages
Custom design and other features +£ see below +£ see below +£ see below
Setup & Installation Yes Yes Yes
Design Mockup Yes Yes Yes
Contact and Subscription Form Design Yes simple rsvp Yes
Social Media Embedding simple links simple links simple links
Search Engine Optimisation simple version none (private site) simple version
Google Traffic Analytics Yes none (private site) Yes
Update your own code Yes Yes Yes
Free Website Updates following go-live 1.5 hours 1 hour 2 hours
Price £ 249 £ 199 £ 299
Template Design:
We specialize in building custom websites from the ground up. However, not every small business or individual can afford a "tailor made" website. Choose a template design for a truly affordable website. Even when using a template we can customise your graphics and other features to make your site truely unique. We have a range available or can help guide you to find a suitable one on the internet if you wish.
Custom Design:
A bespoke design and build for whatever kind of website you require. Beautiful, user friendly and modern designs built using the latest technologies including html5 and css3.
Putting you in control:
It's your website, so we believe you should be in control of it and it's content, if you want to of course! We will hand over all content to you at go live along with a tutorial to explain how to make future updates and changes. There are several ways you can choose to manage your page content and help drive your business forward. You can power your entire site with a Content Management System for complete control, use a Content Management Interface for editing specific texts and graphics (which is much easier to use and gives a faster website), or you can use your own tools to edit your code directly. In each case we will give you a tutorial and assistance to get you up and running.
Monthly maintenance:
If you don't require a content management website or you don't wish to make updates to your website yourself, we can manage your website for you. Any time you require website content to be updated simply email it across and we will update it for you. You will be given a monthly quote based on how often you require changes and updates or you can pay per hour of time for one-off events. In the month following your website going live we will also give you a free allocation of time according to your plan for any changes that you wish to make.
Responsive website (Mobile Device Optimisation):
Would you like your website responsive so it responds to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation? For a perfect example of a responsive design then view this website on a range of different devices and see how it all fits within the browser window. Other examples are listed in our previous work. Traditional websites will display ok on a mobile device, but reading text, navigation and the overall user experience is very poor. For clearer sites, a better experience and access to a whole new market or users on the move you should seriously consider optimising your site for mobile devices. We specialise in websites that load quickly on mobile devices by using custom code rather than plug-in packages, but are happy to use frameworks and full Content Management Systems if you prefer.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):
Want to see your website higher on Google and Bing? Ask us how we can help!
As part of any website design and build we will perform a simple level of SEO as part of our service, but for a truly effective impact you will need to invest in some more extensive SEO, spend some time promoting your website yourself and perhaps even proper marketing. We will advise you as to the best way to achieve this and what you can do to help. If you wish to deploy a full marketing and/or social media campaign then you will need to contact a specialist in that area. As website designers we like to keep our focus on design, build and simple SEO which is more than sufficient for most individuals and small businesses.
Web hosting and domains:
If you wish, we can take care of everything for you. Every website needs hosting and a website address which is also known as a domain (for example, ours is If you know what domain you would like for your website, just let us know and we can purchase that domain for you and set it up with a hosting account. If you already have a domain and would like to transfer it to our hosting we will take care of the process.

Additional Services Price
Custom Layout not using a template from £100
Additional Pages £ depends on layout type
Additional forms and comments pages £35 per hour
Content and copy writing £35 per hour
Social Media Embedding full tools from £30
Responsive Website / Mobile Optimisation
(to fit multiple devices and screen sizes)
from £200
Search Engine Optimisation and Site Analysis one-time from £100,
or ongoing from £70 pm
Google Traffic Analytics from £20 if not included in plan
Hosting and Unlimited Email addresses from £3 per month,
or £25 setup only
Domain Registrations from £10 per year
E-commerce Integration from £200
Website Updates £35 per hour,
or monthly plans from £15 per month
Content Management System (CMS) to edit your content from £200
Content Management Interface to edit parts of your content from £60
Other features (e.g.: Multimedia features, image galleries, parallax scrolling and rotating banners) £35 per hour
or as part of a quote
Photo and image editing
(sourcing and/or editing to fit your design)
£35 per hour
or as part of a quote
Logo Design from £80
Business Card Design from £60
To discuss your requirements in more detail, please give us a call or send us an email.